Scott Case

Scott Case is Founder and Chief Storyteller for Position : Global. In addition to these core competencies, Scott’s extensive experience with IT, global, national and local public speaking events and more than two decades as a licensed Customs broker and freight forwarder uniquely permit him to consult and advise on a range of topics.


Scott's vision for the IACAC in 2017-2018 is to increase forwarder membership and also bringing back airlines and ground handlers who are key parts of the air cargo supply chain. The IACAC is also looking to deliver more value to members and new, members-only deals and sections of the website will be rolled out throughout the year, further reinforcing the IACAC's leadership in the air cargo arena.

Scott is a graduate of Northwestern University in 1993 with degrees in Political Science and German Studies, a language in which he is conversationally fluent. He received his Custom broker’s license in 1994 and has traveled extensively to Asia, Europe and South America to meet with partners, customers and manufacturers.

Brian Bartolotta

As Managing Director of BCS Placement, Brian Bartolotta leads the Logistics, Supply Chain and Freight Forwarding Recruitment and Consulting Practice for BCS.

Mr. Bartolotta is a firm proponent of developing efficient processes and strong relationships while integrating it with data driven business intelligence to foster optimal results and outcomes for both business and professionals.

Chuck Menini
Board Member

Today I’m the General Manager for Land Air Express. I’m a husband to my wife, Lori for the past 36 years. Together we have 2 daughters, and 3 grandchildren.

I began my career in airfreight/trucking in 1979  with O’Hare Air Taxi Service loading and unloading planes. From there I acquired my CDL license and worked over the road for about a decade.

I moved into the office into Airline Logistics operations working closely with Air China, Singapore, Air France and for a time was on site at Lufthansa.


Therese O'Sullivan
Board member

Therese has been a franchise owner of Unishippers since May of last year, but has been involved in selling or representing the Unishippers brand since 2009.

Ben Pecoraro

I currently manage the Dangerous Goods Group of Basic Crating & Packaging Inc. I have been working with DG throughout my career starting with W.W. Grainger in 1995 and then moving to DGM Chicago 16 years later. The DGM franchise was then picked up by Basic Crating & Packaging Inc. We have since dropped the franchise and are operating wholly as Basic Crating & Packaging Inc. where the same quality of service is offered now.
I have been involved with the IACAC since 2017. In that time I have made many connections and a growing group of friends attending many of the events the IACAC has offered. My goal is to continue to strengthen the IACAC and have it be a positive place for people within our industry to meet new connections as well as discuss the current industry climate and challenges we all face.