60th Anniversary Celebration Rescheduled


Due to a scheduling conflict which we discovered was severely and adversely impacting the ability of people to attend and celebrate our 60th anniversary on Thursday night, we have had to postpone the event. That's the only bad news.

The good news is that we have decided that the time to celebrate this momentous time and to look back is during a time of celebration, so we plan to combine the festivities with our annual holiday luncheon to be held on Tuesday, December 8th.

The goal is to move the holiday luncheon to Belvedere Events & Banquets, the venue where we planned to hold the party later this week.

We believe that a special occasion such as our celebration deserves special treatment, and the board is working out the details and will advise them as soon as they are finalized to let you know about an even bigger and better holiday luncheon than we've had in the past.

Thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding. We've already refunded people who paid for tickets to the event and thank you very much for your support.

Our next event will be our October luncheon and our featured guest is Brandon Fried, Executive Director of The Airforwarders Association. Registration for the event is open on our website. Click here for more details.