President’s Letter: April, 2018

Welcome to April, everyone. Despite the cold snap we've had and the temerity of the local weather people to mention the "s" word for later in the week, baseball season has arrived and Opening Day on both sides of town should prove to we usually get with early season baseball in Chicago.

I'd like to apologize for not getting a post up for March nor a Pallet out. It came right on the heels of the successful AirCargo Conference in Austin and with everything else coming up in March to promote, we threw our efforts towards that. In fact, let's talk about March.

Three successful March events.

While I was unable to attend, our ELD luncheon featuring Omintracs was tremendously successful. As of April 1st, the ELD regulations are now fully in place and our nearly thirty attendees got to hear all about what the new reality is as they grope with the challenges of a tight capacity market and new regulations that will impact the drivers and the distances they can travel.

We also held two successful networking events, our March Madness event at the Wyndham and our Wolves outing at the Allstate Arena (you can call it the "Rosemont Horizon" if you want - I won't judge). Thanks so much to our event sponsors.

March Madness:

  • Basic Crating & Packaging
  • Alaska Air Cargo (we missed you, Ravelle!)
  • BCS Placement

Wolves Game:

  • Air Canada Cargo
  • Riege Software
  • Cargosprint
  • BCS Placement
  • Position : Global

We cannot host these events and make them free without the support of our sponsors, so thank you to everyone. 

April luncheon and membership stuff.

We are slated to have Mike White, the President of CNS, speak to our audience this month. Register here if you've not done so already. Mike is this year's recipient of the Jim Foster Award from the Airforwarders Association, an annual award that recognizes a lifetime contribution to the air freight industry. I know Mike personally and have worked with him for years on a variety of issues and he's knowledgeable and entertaining. 

With Mike's event, as with future events where we have national speakers, the pricing will be slightly higher. We believe that if someone is going to travel to speak to the IACAC, then we can help offset the expense and provide them with accommodations. The slightly higher cost reflects not only the quality of the speaker but defraying the cost of their travel. This pricing will also be in effect for Brandon Fried's luncheon in October.

At the March luncheon, we discovered a number of attendees who registered as members who, according to our membership roster, are not.

In April we will be removing all the IACAC website logins of previous members and replace them with the most updated current membership roster, so if you know you're a member, watch for the email. We will also be setting up our events such that if you wish to register at the member rate, you'll need to log into the site to access the member pricing. This will be the case for network events as well. 

Why be a member? There are plenty of reasons.

  1. It's affordable. $50/individual, $130 for a corporate membership. A corporate membership is tied to the company and includes up to three people and they are all entitled to vote in our annual election and on matters involving the membership.
  2. We're going to have a job board. That's right, a job board. Starting later this month, we'll have a job board where paid IACAC members will be able to post jobs at no charge. Note: you do not need to be a member to view the available jobs or apply for a position.
  3. Networking events will be free to members, but non-members will have to pay to attend. We'd rather you spend your money being a member year-round and getting free access to these events and discounted pricing for other things than paying to mingle each and every time.

Don't delay. Join today.